Research and Analysis

LEI plays an active role in research and the international dialogue around leading practice innovations and tools in land governance.

The 2012 publication by Klaus Deininger (World Bank), Harris Selod (World Bank) and Tony Burns (LEI, Managing Director), titled ‒ The Land Governance Assessment Framework: Identifying and monitoring good practice in the land sector ‒ is the culmination of our involvement with the World Bank and other partners to develop governance indicators and an implementation manual to assess land governance in a country or jurisdiction. The Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF) was piloted in five case study countries: Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kyrgyz Republic, Peru and Tanzania.



The framework and process required to implement LGAF addresses the need for guidance to diagnose and benchmark land governance, and through the necessary consultative process of LGAF, can help countries prioritise reforms and monitor progress over time. LEI continues its involvement with LGAF through contract management and expert reviews where LGAF is being implemented.