Land Systems

LEI recognises the critical part that land information systems play in integrating the main components of land administration, survey and mapping data, land registration information and land valuation data. Efficiency and integration of spatial and non-spatial data management are at the heart of a modern land administration system. 

We are experienced in maximising the opportunities arising from computerisation of land records and systems, both in terms of data conversion and software application development. We are also across typical policy issues accompanying computerisation.

These include:

  • Land information access and sharing between stakeholders
  • Land information fees
  • Data custodianship, and 
  • Privacy considerations. 

Our strategy is to identify appropriate structures to encourage participation from all stakeholders at the policy and technical levels, and conduct training initiatives which support the sustainable operation of land information systems.

LEI offers services that include:

  • System design
  • Customised software development
  • Data conversion processes
  • Developing web-enabled applications, and 
  • Related training and capacity building.

In Samoa, LEI designed and implemented a user-friendly and secure land registration and information system for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

In Malawi (under the auspices of the Business Environment Technical Assistance Programme), LEI prepared the technical specifications for the new automated Deed and Title Registration system.