Governance and Policy

Efficient land administration systems are underpinned by comprehensive legal systems which identify and protect land rights. We apply a flexible approach to developing legislation and policies that are accountable to civil society and consistent with government policy, while remaining practical for managers and implementers.

LEI has significant experience introducing land titling systems which provide indefeasibility of title and state guarantee. While we are great supporters of the Torrens style system and the benefits it provides to land users, we realise that often the most practical approach is to build tenure security within existing legal and administrative structures. Simple measures to map and define user rights can offer immediate and cost effective benefits in the short to medium term. We work within countries’ historical, political and cultural settings to determine the most appropriate approach to land policy.

In Lao PDR, LEI provided expertise to assist the creation of a legal framework for land registration activities and support institutional arrangements of the National Land Management Agency.

In Samoa, LEI created the legislation necessary to establish a land registration system and introduce strata (unit) titling.