Capacity Building

Human capital is the basis of any sustainable land administration system. Valuing people and recruiting, training and maintaining quality staff, particularly in management roles, is critical to sustaining reforms.

In addition to a competent public sector, we believe a healthy private sector of surveyors, lawyers, valuers and real estate professionals is essential to supporting and maintaining this system. Introducing professional development training, performance based assessments, licensing, and accreditation programs are just some of the ways we can assist with the ongoing human capital development in both the public and private sectors.

We firmly believe in developing in-country capacity to conduct courses and we work with local institutions at the tertiary and vocational levels to develop syllabuses, course programs, module content and training techniques. While formal education and training are important, we also promote informal capacity building through networking, relationship building, workshops, study tours, “Train-the-Trainer” initiatives, work experience and on-going mentoring. 


Service offerings in this area include:

  • Undertaking training needs assessments
  • Developing training strategies
  • Developing curriculum and training materials
  • Presenting courses in the various fields related to land administration (surveying, mapping, GPS, valuation, community consultation, adjudication)
  • Developing educational alliances, and 
  • Offering specialised bespoke training.

In Indonesia, LEI has been building capacity of local government in spatial planning.

In Lao, LEI coordinated the introduction of a tertiary Land Administration and Management Diploma for students at the Polytechnic College in Vientiane.

When working in Lesotho, LEI undertook a comprehensive training needs assessment for the newly formed Land Administration Authority and (based on the assessment results), developed a training program aimed at upskilling staff and improving service delivery.