Review of the Legal Cadastre of the Government of Ethiopia

LEI is leading the urban cadastre review in Ethiopia.
Project narrative

Ethiopia is one of the most rapidly urbanising countries in the world and is in a unique position to capitalise on the economic opportunities of this transformation. The World Bank, having recently undertaken the Ethiopia Urbanisation Review, is supporting the government to undertake necessary steps to review and scale up the existing urban cadastre pilots, underpinning Ethiopia’s Second Growth and Transformation Plan.

LEI is leading this urban cadastre review.

Description of key services provided

The main objective of this assignment is to deliver the first component of this Non-Lending Technical Assistance (NLTA) – Legal Cadastre project. This component aims to:

  • Evaluate the legal cadastre pilot projects underway, and
  • Help prepare a plan for nationwide roll-out.

It will assist the government to develop a framework to increase coverage and accuracy (including registration of land held by government entities for their own use), ensure compatibility across urban areas, and accelerate implementation nationwide.