One Map TA

Supporting One Map Policy implementation and strengthening National Spatial Data Infrastructure for establishing clarity around land use and administrative boundaries at the village level.
Project narrative

LEI has been successful in securing the Technical Assistance and Capacity Development for the Program Preparation to Operationalize and Accelerate the One Map Policy (One Map TA project). This project is 12-months in duration. It aims to support One Map Policy (OMP) implementation and strengthen the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) through the early completion of OMP coverage across all of Indonesia. 

Description of key services provided

The One Map TA project will support the Government of Indonesia to:

  • define procedures and guidelines for OMP implementation
  • enhance access to geospatial data and services
  • compile data on existing concessions and licences
  • verify data on state lands and integrate state land data into the overall land administration system
  • produce fit-for-purpose geospatial data especially in support of improved land management and governance, including the protection of natural resources
  • facilitate participatory community mapping and the incorporation of this mapping into OMP
  • pilot OMP implementation processes, and
  • implement appropriate project management and monitoring for OMP.

Project outputs include:

  1. An analysis of the regulatory system, standards, formats and data sharing policies for the One Map framework and NSDI framework
  2. An analysis of the state/communal/other land designation and registration system
  3. An analysis of participatory village land use mapping methodologies
  4. Preparation of the OMP Operationalisation and Acceleration investment lending operation, and
  5. Capacity building among government agencies to implement the OMP.