Land Governance Study - Extension

Multi-country study to gather data on the large scale acquisition of land rights for agricultural or natural resource based use for 10 country case studie
Project narrative

The objective of the project is to provide guidance to World Bank clients (in government and the private sector) and partners who may be faced with or interested in large scale land acquisition. This multi-country study gathers data on the ‘large scale acquisition of land rights for agricultural or natural resource based use’ for 10 country case studies. It applies the Policy, Legal and Institutional Framework (PLIAF) for large scale land acquisition based on the World Bank’s Land Governance Assessment Framework.

The study provides a descriptive account of major land acquisition projects that have been completed or discussed in each country, the policy issues they have raised, the economic or social benefits they have created, and recent trends in the evolution of such projects. The study also reviews existing laws and institutional arrangements governing acquisition of land use rights and the mechanisms to assess and deal with social and environmental impacts arising in this context. The result is an inventory of projects involving large-scale land acquisition for each country.

Description of key services provided

As project manager LEI is responsible for managing the contracts and payments of each of the in-country consultants. LEI is responsible for ensuring the deliverables for each in-country consultant are met, including the submission of draft and final versions of an inception report and work plan; policy, legal, and institutional assessment framework (PLIAF); and project inventory.