A Pilot Project for Land Registration

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is scaling up the title registration program, including the conversion of its deeds system to a title registration system. 
Project narrative

The legal basis for this work is the Royal Decree on Property Registration of 2002. Vision 2030 sets a target of registering 50 percent of all real estate by 2030. This target is very conservative, and it is believed that the program could achieve faster results based on international best practices. 

There are currently five entities with direct or potential involvement in the registration process: (i) Ministry of Justice, (ii) Ministry for Municipal and Rural Affairs (iii) Public Investment Fund (iv) a company to be formed pursuant to the Royal order and owned by the PIF; and (v) Real Estate General Authority.

The key issue facing the Government of KSA is institutional coordination of the land registration process. Other outstanding issues concern: (i) the methods to be used in first registration; (ii) the priority areas to be registered; (iii) sources of funding, how much to charge citizens and how much will come from government; (iv) technical capacity of entities to conduct registration; (v) outsourcing of operations to the private sector; (vi) access to information; (vii) communications and outreach; and (viii) capacity building and training.

KSA and the World Bank have engaged LEI to provide technical support to develop a draft national rollout plan for completing national systematic registration of titles by 2030.

Description of key services provided

During two, two-week visits to Saudi Arabia in April and June 2019, LEI provided the following specific services:

(i)      Reviewed laws and contextual documents in relation to land policy and land registration in KSA;

(ii)     Led discussions and meetings with relevant stakeholders to clarify requirements, past experiences and planned organizational restructuring of the process for land registration;

(iii)    Designed and consulted a National Plan for completing systematic registration of property rights throughout the Kingdom.