Continuing excellence at Land Equity …

Posted on 04/09/2018 by

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As a niche professional services company, there have been many lessons learned and opportunities seized to step up into this new role. Throughout this time, Tony Burns has been a key supporter and with his continuing presence in the company as Executive Director - Business Development Manager, and with the continued support of the whole LEI team, we will continue to grow, improve and deliver excellence in land sector consulting services worldwide.

Land is too fundamental to people’s lives to put in the ‘too hard basket’.  It’s political, it’s sensitive, but it’s more than just a life asset for the poor and vulnerable. Fundamentally, it means different things to different people and we as land professionals must continue to recognise this. The nature and rights of who, what, and where land is, in parts are bound by laws; in the same moment, for many others with customary rights, there little to no recognition of their land arrangements. It’s complicated, and in an ever-globalising technology-driven community there’s no simple one-click solution. Nonetheless, the breadth of experience within LEI allows us to tackle, and carefully consider with our partners and clients all the pieces of the puzzle with long term, strategic and sustainable solutions.

I will lead with a strong sense of purpose and ethics in all that LEI consults on and manages. I continue to believe that strengthening land governance systems, understanding the local context, empowering local ownership to enhance project delivery, and growing diversity to fuel innovation, is what LEI can firmly deliver on. Sharing is caring. That’s why we will endeavour to be a better part of the ‘knowledge’ community, imparting more frequently the experience of our experts and sharing exemplary project solutions in the ongoing discussions and debates that are taking place.

I’ll use plenty of walks for coffee (or long strides in the case of Tony’s surveyor pace) as I step into the large footprint that Tony and previous Directors, have carved for Land Equity. With such a great family of experts here at LEI, amongst our Senior Associates, and regular consultants, the future is very bright.

I look forward to working with you.