Land Administration

Securing land tenure and property rights for all through efficient land administration systems is core to Land Equity's business.

Land Management

Land Equity has considerable experience in establishing policies, procedures and systems necessary for the effective use of land resources.

Urban Management

We are providing research and policy direction for cities and regional planning to address increasing rates of urbanization and the consequential pressures brought to bear on land, water and other natural resources.

Valuation and Taxation

Land Equity understands that revenue generated from land and property taxes can provide national and local governments with an important source of funding for investment in infrastructure and services.

Land Systems

Land Equity recognises the critical part that land information systems play in integrating the main components of land administration, survey and mapping data, land regsitration information and land valuation data. Efficiency and integration of spatial and non spatial data management is at the heart of a modern land administration system.

Governance and Policy

Efficient land administration systems are underpinned by comprehensive legal systems which identify and protect land rights. We apply a flexible approach to developing legislation and policies that are accountable to civil society and consistent with government policy, while remaining practical to manage and implement.

Research and Analysis

LEI also engage in prominent research areas in collaboration with the World Bank and Asian Development Banks:Land Equity International designed and developed for the World Bank a land policy and governance diagnostic and monitoring tool: the Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF).

Capacity Building

Human capital is the basis of any sustainable land administration system. Valuing people and recruiting, training and maintaining quality staff, particularly in management roles is critical to sustaining reforms. 

A Green Prosperity win in Indonesia

11th Mar - 2016

In December 2015, LEI finalised contract negotiations to the value of USD4.2m for the second project in a series of sub-activities under the MCA-I Participatory...

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